Friday, 12 January 2007

On Mata Hari

Mata Hari is an International Folkboat, or IF båt if you prefer. Built in 1974 she's been with us eleven years now, a lithesome thirtysomething that still loves to get out and play amongst the waves. This is her online log.

Homewaters are the Stockholm Archipelago - a beautiful stretch of coastline on Sweden's Baltic coast - but we will call it the skärgård... because that's what it is.
With 20 000 islands liberally scattered around both the views and the sailing are great - and nothing beats sitting on a sun warmed outcrop (with a glass of red) watching the sun slowly set.

The IF is a classic long keeled design a tad under 8 meters long. She sails well but can be tricky manouvring at slow speed - or maybe that's just me and our venerable old outboard?
Four berths - but quite cosy with it, and no chance of standing upright inside. A spirit stove and a cranky Wallas heater. Luxurious it is not but where's the charm in that? And on the other hand we do have a rather good wine cellar...

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