Monday, 18 August 2008

Swabbing the deck

.. Back in port, and just the tidying up to do. Two nights under a tree and the decks and cockpit are sorely in need if a wash over. On the other hand the hull is looking great. None of the usual matting off as the season progresses. It's lovely to see her look so good!

But oh how I hate putting the sail away in the rain...

Flying low

Even before we set out they were forecasting strong winds, so it was no surprise to waken on Sunday to leaden skies and the sound of the wind surging through the treetops. In the bay all is still calm, but walk over the headland and the wind is not to be ignored. The water has that brushed look as gusts flatten the surface & white horses ice the wavetops.
Slowly the bay empties, most going out with the boom covers on, clearly intending to motor. The forecast though is for lighter winds towards evening so we opt to wait.
It's not the finest of days... grey and damp, but it has it's compensations. The stiller airs in the bay are just right to bring swallows and house martins swooping to feed. Lots of them...
The darting black shapes are all around, flying just over the water and then flicking away after some tasty morsel. Nature's air display on our doorstep :-)

Midafternoon and a light rain sets in.. but the wind has eased a little so we can pack up and head for home - on mainsail and a wedge of jib. Less wind would be more comfortable, as would less of that fine mizzle, but it's quite Ok - just keep a weather eye open for the gusts.

And that was that for the first trip of the season.. A little lazy there and back...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Lazy days

"I'm busy going nowhere, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do..."

If it works for the Wizard of Oz it works for me. It's finally the first trip of the season and we've come over the sound to Kolnäsviken as a Friday night jumping off point. But now it's saturday lunch and we're quiet happy where we are thank you. Lazy I know but that's the point of getting away from it all.

The bay here is a well sheltered natural harbour, with a steady turn over of boats coming and going... Some like us still here from last night, some just dropping anchor for lunch, and some starting to arrive for tonight.
The strange thing here is that no matter how busy it is in the bay you can walk the hundred metres across the headland and find solitude on the other shore - strange because it's here you get to see the sun sinking over the horizon in a magic swathe of colour.

Still, I don't mind if we get it to ourselves...

...Enough of that.. I have things not to do. :-)