Sunday, 11 March 2007

Covers Off!

Last year at this time the snow was still piled high around the covers, and the bay was thick with ice (...actually not thick enough, but that's another story!). Today though the sun shone and spring is definitely in the air. Time to get started. Covers Off!

It's more symbolic than a big step on the way - but taking down the winter covers at least means we get to check her over before we go to the chandlers. And she will get a little air before we start with the rubbing and painting.

Strange that we're the only ones...

Thursday, 8 March 2007


The snow is still lying round about, but thoughts turn to spring and getting the boat ready for 'sjösättning'. It is after all spring proper in more southerly climes.

Yesterday, to give a sailing jolt to the system, it was a visit to 'Allt på Sjön' - the annual sailing exhibition here in Stockholm. Amongst all the motorboats and enormous outboards there were sails flying to whet the appetite: A new range of boats from RS - new to me at least - had me yearning for a bit of dinghy sailing, and the small collection of traditional boats reminds me that I really ought to have a boat at home. Something to potter with in the evenings. Living on a lake shore ought to have some benefits!

But... we didn't buy a boat... not even a shiny new kayak. But one thing did open the purse-strings. A new chart - a large scale chart of some of the islands out round Huvudskär - and so we have the beginnings of a plan, for one of those weekend trips...