Sunday, 15 May 2011

All systems go...

Sjösättning.  The boat is back in the water... and thanks to an early Saturday morning slot we had time and the chance to get the mast up the same day.  All of which meant the chance of an evening out on the water over across to Ornö. 

The bay was perhaps unsurprisingly pretty deserted, and we anchored up on our favourite spot - a big rock about halfway along the northshore - and headed off to catch the sunset and grill supper.

Back in the cabin later it was time to try out the new heater - which worked fine.  Even with the hatch ajar to ventilate we could work up a good fug - and a lot easier to handle than the Wallas. At breakfast time we even tried it for making the tea.  A bit slower than the normal spirit stove but it got there...

In fact the only downside on the trip was finding that the leech is coming unstitched - I restitched a length during last season where the old stitching is falling apart.  Several seasons on the roller reefing is taking it's toll.  Now another section is giving up which meant an hour on the foredeck on Sunday morning to put it right.


14/15 May 2011
Karlslunds - Kolnäsviken (& back)
Paul, Pål, Kia

Friday, 13 May 2011

Thermal trials

Mata Hari came with a Wallas parafin heater installed.... .but over the years it has had very little use. To be sure to get it going at the start of the season you need to clean the points and that doesn't happen that often.
So this year we are trying something new - or rather, secondhand. An Origo HeatPal. Basically a meths burner in a tin. You can also use it as a stove if needed.
Today I set it going on the balcony - both to check it works and to see how safe it is to be around.
It was a bit slow to light but then burnt well and seems to push out plenty of heat. The case stays cool but the lid gets uncomfortably hot - except on the low setting. And turning it down to 0 doesn't extinguish it...
So... It could be just the thing to keep up cosy - with some care in positioning and remembering to keep the boat ventilated.
We will soon see....

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In the cellar

The great day approaches... just a little too quickly as it happens, so there is frantic activity in the cellar to catch up with
the winter job list.
Maybe I
should have bought quick drying varnish?!