Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spring at last

It feels like a long winter, but is time at last for preparing the boat for the season.  When the covers came off there was still snow lying around and the scaffold for the covers ways frozen into the ground.

Now,a couple of weeks later, the sun is up and it is a please to be in the marina working on the boat.

Last season we changed anti-fouling to the new low copper version.  One side effect of This is that the new paint is not as soft and sends in much better shape after the season. So This year we are trying a new approach and just touching up the existing layer instead of painting a whole new layer ( or two).  Apart from saving several hundred crowns it's hopefully better for the environment.  We will see in the autumn if it is actually still effective in inhibiting growth.

Apart from that, high up on the last is rubbing and polishing... as usual the hull is quite faded after a season in the sun.  But, after a few hours with rubbing and polish she now has her old shine back. Step one done