Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thievery and seasons end

Despite our best intentions late season didn't bring much sailing - a short trip to Kolnäsviken was about the sum of it.  The new tender arrived.. which was great - but a little too late to try it on the water.  That will have to wait for next season.  Then, after a weekend emptying lockers and taking down the mast it was all set to bring the boat out.

So, one Friday afternoon we left work early to take the boat round to the slip to be hauled up.  Imagine my surprise then when I went to set up and start the motor - only to discover it wasn't there....  Some blaggard had been and nicked it.  What sort of mean spirited soulless twat does that sort of thing?

 The marina were great and quickly arranged a boat to tow us round to come out - but it really did add the final touch to a pretty remarkable season... for all the wrong reasons.

Let's draw a close on sailing season 2012 and look forward hopefully to a sailing filled summer in 2013.

(Actually, on a positive note the new anti-fouling looks really good after a pretty inactive season.  Let's hope that means less work in the spring ;-)