Thursday, 26 April 2007

Go South! Young Man

With the boat almost ready to slip it seemed about time to think about the season ahead. All dressed up with nowhere to go? Well not quite...

The plan was that we would sail to Gotland somewhen under the summer and spend a few days cruising there before heading back. Two boats, for company and added safety, and a little summer sailing adventure. But - talking it over round the table in Tullkrogen there was a more conservative tone from the assembled ship companies. Ah well... night sailing.. weather .. need more crew .. ferries? It's a long way... (about 100nm). So, by consensus - in the best swedish tradition - we are haeding south in the summer. Västervik is nice, if we make it that far.

Gotland? Maybe next year.

Monday, 9 April 2007

That sinking feeling...

The seacock under the sink has not been working... it doesn't shut off. When we changed the old tatty plastic sink for a stainless one we found that the plughole is not so very far above the waterline, so it's comforting to be able to shut off the seacock when we're under way...
So I thought I'd have a look. ..and yes the seacock's kaput. So we just screw it loose from the hull fitting and..
..and it's too close to the bulkhead to screw off! And that's when you get that sinking feeling.

So now it's either loosen the hull fitting - which I'm loathe to do - or add some ventilation to the locker under the berth.
Pass the saw Pål!

Painted and fine

Easter and work starts in earnest... sanding and repainting the anti-fouling, and the annual challenge to get the hull looking it's best.
The blue colour matts out under the summer, and the finish gets streaky and uneven - so every year it's a once over with rubbing paste, and then polish and wax. It works, and gets easier year by year. She looks fine afterwards, but I'd love to find a way to keep her looking that way all year round!
..and someday I will get some gelcoat in the right colour and get rid of all those marks where the anchor has kissed the sides on the way up.

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