Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thievery and seasons end

Despite our best intentions late season didn't bring much sailing - a short trip to Kolnäsviken was about the sum of it.  The new tender arrived.. which was great - but a little too late to try it on the water.  That will have to wait for next season.  Then, after a weekend emptying lockers and taking down the mast it was all set to bring the boat out.

So, one Friday afternoon we left work early to take the boat round to the slip to be hauled up.  Imagine my surprise then when I went to set up and start the motor - only to discover it wasn't there....  Some blaggard had been and nicked it.  What sort of mean spirited soulless twat does that sort of thing?

 The marina were great and quickly arranged a boat to tow us round to come out - but it really did add the final touch to a pretty remarkable season... for all the wrong reasons.

Let's draw a close on sailing season 2012 and look forward hopefully to a sailing filled summer in 2013.

(Actually, on a positive note the new anti-fouling looks really good after a pretty inactive season.  Let's hope that means less work in the spring ;-)



Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back at base

It's not a long trip back from Kolnäsviken...  but packing up after a week on the boat takes a while, so it seemed only reasonable once tat was done to finish the week as we started with a meal at the marina restaurant.  We are still on holiday you know ;-)

All in all...  a nice week on the water .  Not in the least taxing - not even by our standards.  We averaged about 10nm a day, but distance aside it was really nice - especially after waiting so long to get the boat shipshape again.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Homeward bound

From Biskopsö the route lay homeward..  though not before taking the chance to meet up with friends that were also out sailing.  We discussed a few alternatives - but finally settled on an old favourite - Kolnäsvik.  It's not much over an hour from Karlslunds with any decent wind - but what the heck.  It's sheltered and easy and the sunsets from the seaward side are great.

The trip from Biskopsön was another nice day on the water.  The wind was quite fresh but manageable and we made good speed - despite beating a good bit of the way.  Tacking angles seemed a bit sloppy at times - but part of the reason revealed itself when I discovered we were sailing against the current in the narrower channel north of Ornö.  It was a shock I have to say as it's very rare to notice any sort of current in the archipelago.   

Arriving in Kolnäsvik the neighbours were already there and helped guide us in to shore... which turned out to be harder than anticipated.  The north shore there is quite shallow at first before dropping away and depending on the water level it can be hard to get to shore without grounding.  This was one of those days... and we played around a while before I was happy.

But, once tied up it was time for a little after sail.. G&Ts in the cockpit, and a lazy evening watching the grill grill....  sitting out chatting on the headland until well after sunset.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Visiting the Bishop

From Kyrkviken we headed east and a little north to Biskopsö.  It's a place we've been before.  Normally we pull in between the islands in the western part of the island group but this time we opted to try the bay on the north side of Biskopsö itself.

It was a nice sail there.  One of those days when you are close hauled almost all the way - but still don't end up tacking that often... and with winds that give good speed without overpowering the boat.  Great sailing.

Once there we motored  in to the bay - finding a sheltered spot on the north side against the isthmus.  The shore was smooth sloping rocks that were easy to come ashore onto - but behind was thick undergrowth of something not dissimilar to gorse; i.e. lots of prickles.  The bay there was it turned out also quite shallow.  Looking over the side you could see the bottom and dipping showed it to be just 1,50m.  OK with our 1,2m draft but not so much to spare.

When evening came we set up the grill on the rocks and cooked dinner.  Being in a bay though the sun disappeared quiet early so we settled on an evening walk.  Good that we did as following the shore and then crossing the neck of the isthmus brought us out to the proper shore and the proper sunset. We even had the forethought to bring whisky and chocolate with us....  Now that's what you call desert!

And what a view...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Manners maketh man...

Kyrkviken really is a short hop from Fjärdlång so it was about lunchtime when we dropped sail and motored into the narrow channel leading into the long small bay that is Kyrkvik.  Astern of us another boat turned in from the main fairway to follow us in...

It was soon clear though that following our stately passage wasn't really on their minds and, in a display of boorish singlemindedness, they proceeded to overtake in the narrowest part of the channel to rush ahead of us and tie up first alongside the guest harbour quay.  As luck would have it the new neighbours were only there for lunch and we soon had the bay much to ourselves.

Kyrkviken is new to us, but situated on the back side of Ornö it's actually a good spot for victualling when out in the outer archiplago.  By the jetty there is a small cafe serving burgers and beer, and just behind a restaurant with both good food and a pleasant view (out to Mata Hari bobbing by the jetty).  Behind the restarant is a small grocery store -  not the widest assortment, but enough to top our larder for the next few days.

After lunch at the cafe we took a walk further afield stopping to look at the church, and then searching out the other shop that should have been nearby - in the next bay to the south.  It turns out it has closed down....

Somewhere in between we passed a loppis..  a barn full of jumble, and came away with a small chopping board come teapot stand.  With a little tender loving care it should find a spot on board for next season :-)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

On rations...

Once we got to Huvudskär we discovered that in our haste to be away on holiday we'd forgotten something....  Food!  Not all the food - but the fresh meat sitting in the fridge at home.  Not a crisis - but cause for a change of plan.  Instead of heading further south towards Nynäshamn we decided instead to visit Kyrkviken on Ornö - with what should be the nearest grocery store.

But, the larder was not completely empty, so we made an easy leg of it and headed first to Fjärdlång.  It was neither long nor difficult to get there - with the sort of light wind sailing I really enjoy.  Enough to keep the boat gurgling along while you check the chart and the marks to keep on course between the islands.

The anchorage in Fjärdlång was new to us.  There were a few other boats there- but there was plenty of space.  The wind was pretty much down the bay - but we found shelter behind a small headland and settled down to a nice evening on the cliffs with the grill (and the lamb we'd remembered to bring from the freezer...

It was - as the picture shows -  one of those superb evenings, where the wind drops away completely and the colours just wash in.

Holidays.... :-)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy holidays again

It took a while to get the mast fixed - although the job itself was very quick once I got the parts and the rigger in the same place.  Mast up and time to sail away while the summer vacation is still upon us . 

We laboured to get to the marina with all our baggage for a week... and concluded once we got there it was late in the day to sail off.  So we spent the first evening on the berth enjoying the hospitality of Karlslunds sjökrog.  There are worse ways to begin a weeks holiday I can tell you.

Bright and fresh the next day we set course southward to take us outside of Ornö.  We were heading towards Huvudskär, but my plan was to stop short and stop over at Notholmen - normally a quiet spot with good shelter when the winds are right....

We had a good sail there - reaching but not too much on the nose - but to our consternation there were already a couple of boats anchored ashore in the little bay.  Experience says there isn't much space for more than a couple so we looked at the clock and decided to head on to Huvudskär anyway.

As luck would have it this put us much more against the wind. which had filled in - so that last hour turned out to be the hardest part of the day - not least as that last stretch is all about picking a route between the islands and cobs.  In fact, rather against our usual practice, we sailed in through the narrow inlet into the lagoon as the chop and brisk winds made dropping sail outside less than attractive.

Once inside we anchored against Lökholmen - only a few meters from the spot we tied up on our first visit here...  around ten years ago...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Feeling inclined

Just fitted.

As you can see the boat sits a bit lopsided.... The outboard and anchor sit on the same side

Friday, 20 July 2012

In the pit

In diving they talk about the incident pit, a series of small decisions that end up putting you in a place where something serious happens.

That is how it was for of this year with putting the mast up. The mast crane was partly blocked by a moored pontoon. But I thought I could get the coat close enough to do the job.  When it got tricky we tried to stabilize things by getting a shroud down.  From there it was a step to overtightening . And a bent spreader.

Worse, it put a twist on the mast fixing and a long moment of despair.

That was in May.  I now have a new spreader- and a mast fitting of the right profile and a man booked to fit it. A long slow season, climbing out the pit...

Friday, 11 May 2012

Hanging around

Today's the day. Back in the water for another skärgård summer. The marina has a snazzy new trailer for launching but we still end up hanging about waiting for it to arrive...

Sunday, 6 May 2012


It has taken a while, wrestling with a space that curves in all dimensions, but now the new cupboard is finished. What used to be a dark hole with the cooker in is now extra storage and the stove is back by the door.

Overall I'm pleased with the way it turned out though it would have been a lot easier with a workbench out at the marina.

Back in the water on Friday!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Step one

Step one is always to get the hull sorted . Which this year involved some rubbing to cut back the rather jaded surface,  Dark blue gulls just don't like the sun. We finished off with a new incarnation of nano-polish that promises better UV protection. I wait to be amazed...

Below the waterline there's also a change. New rules in Sweden mean the existing anti-fouling is withdrawn and replaced with a copper based version instead. Didn't they ban copper? 

Of course the new paint was more expensive. Surprised?

The job list is quite long this year , but in principle now she can go back in the water as she is...


Monday, 16 April 2012

The rites of spring

It's not every year we have to clear the decks of snow before we can start work...