Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Lunch on the rocks

Another weekend and another sunny sunday. why waste it?
Pack the barbie and we're off to the islands!

The forecasts as usual disagreed on the wind which turned out to be a good breeze as we reached out to Havstornsudden, and then turned to beat up towards Långgarn. Somewhat wiggly tacks mind, as Eugen is getting the feel of the helm.

Our goal - the island of Långgarnsholm, lies just off the island of Långgarn - itself just off Gålö. Together they form a long sheltered inlet open in the east. Approaching, the wind dies away and it's one of those fluky close reaches to creep up towards lunch. Keep clear of the wind shadow from Långgarn - but not too close inshore...

Soon we are decamped to the rocks and the BBQ is lit. Lie back... crack a beer - and enjoy.

Afternoons are never as long as you'd like, so after a scant two hours it's time to head home. Of course, beating here means running back... A very pleasant - and warm - experience in afternoon sun, not least for the strawberry dessert and coffee and pastries on the way back..

10 June 2007
Karlslunds to Långgarnsholmen: 11,3nm round trip.
Paul, Pål & Eugen
Winds: SW 1-5 m/s

See it on the map...

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