Saturday, 8 August 2009

Double vision

The trip homeward took us as far as Mörtö-Bunsön. There were lots of boats but there's plenty of space and deep water close in... a little too much deep water in fact! It's ten meters deep not far off the cliffs. I added extra line to the anchor and dropped the hook a bit further out than normal to get a good lie - and then ran out of line before I got to the shore!

It was super weather, and once the heat started to ease in the afternoon we went off for a walk and picked a few blueberries to have with breakfast (picking up a good few mosquito bites along the way). Coming back through the trees I wondered who it was standing washing down my boat?!?! ... until I got closer and saw that it wasn't Mata Hari at all, but a very near twin that had arrived while we'd been gone. Kul!

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