Monday, 7 September 2009

Panel Games

One of the things that's always been a bit hit and miss on the boat is the lighting. More specifically the Nav lights. The lack of a sternlight we solved a few years back, but the white navlight on the mast was more troublesome.

Eventually we diagnosed a dodgy contact on the switch panel and decided it was a good time to update the full panel rather than find a switch to fit. So we bought one... And there it has sat for the last year or more waiting to be fitted. Until now...

We were back early after lunch on Sunday so I took the chance to pull it all apart and make the change. The panel is the same dimensions which made life easy even if the screw holes were not.

I was able to simplify the wiring a little along the way, but most of the rat's nest behind the panel stayed as it was . It's sound, and it works.. And it is at least a little neater than it was.

A quick shuffle of the fuses then to suite what's connected and bob's your uncle.

The surprising thing is it all works too... :-D
...excpt maybe the Wallas heater but that's another project...

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