Monday, 23 May 2016

Deja vu

It's that time of year again. The sun is up bright and early and fresh breezes entice the sailor down to the sea.  Somewhere a year has gone.. or more... without me capturing it here on blog.
It was a quiet year for sailing it has to be said, but when I find the time I will backtrack and fill in some of the missing detail. On the boat I finally got round to the fridge project- upgrading the battery, adding a solar panel, and wiring in for a small Weico electric coolbox. Time on the water on the other hand was limited. We sailed away at midsummer and took a few days down around Landsort, and later in the season a few overnight stops. And that was it. Life had other plans.
So now it's May and Mata Hari is back in her berth with the mast up and, almost, ready to sail. Life had other plans this summer to... But we will see whether wanderlust gets us out on the water more in any case.
I have in fact been thinking about moving up to something bigger- mostly because I saw a boat I liked at a good price. But a bigger boat is more work and more expense at at time when time on the water is at an ebb. So instead, there's a new plan. ..a plan to catch up with some of those things on Mata Hari that after 15 years are due some attention. And a new project on the horizon. Time for an auto-pilot? If nothing else I will get more time for blogging.....

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