Friday, 4 May 2007


Friday, and all those last minute jobs have run out of minutes. Sjösättning has come!

Karlsunds has it well sorted. On time the crane arrives and with it the trailer that will carry her down to the water. I've seen a bit on tying the strops together to stop them slipping, but here they just get on with it. Strops on, slacken the bottle screws on the cradle and lift. Be careful with her.. as two tonnes swings in to the air.

But no worries. Once on the trailer the supports close to grip her and it's off through the rows of boats to the slipway. So many boats with the covers stlll on, work barely started. It's nice instead to be putting her back into her element.

Despite having tested the sea-cock was water-tight once we'd changed it there's still a small apprehension lingering as she glides off the trailer to lie by the quay. Small and fortunately unfounded.

And so I whisper sweet words to the outboard and smile as it sputters to life on the second pull. Cast off! ...and we back slowly away from the quayside before swing the bow round to face away. Slip her into gear and head off to find the berth, the sun shining and ripples gurgling under the bow.

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