Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Cold Harbour

St Anna's - Tuesday
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From our island night-stop it is soon back in the main channel heading south, weaving between the islands and the reefs with a queue of boats behind and in front. The sailing is pleasant and we are soon turning the bow to head in to Oxelösund for lunch and restocking. A nice guest harbour with a restaurant behind - even a dance floor on the green! It's a fair walk to town to get provisions, and then a pleasant lunch in the sunshine - only a little concerned by the forecast for rising winds...

Heading out from Oxelösund we cut southward between two islands and soon find ourselves bobbing in the chop with only fluky winds pushing us nowhere - but time solves most problems and eventually we pick up speed and head off. We have charted a route across the sound between the many rocks and skerries to bring us to what looks like a good overnight prospect - but having the waypoint and knowing just which rock is which aren't entirely the same thing!

Lena's boat has gone another way, and so it's just ourselves with Karim following as our goal comes in sight. Kallhamn - a smallish island, but with a good deep bay on what tonight is the lee side. We give wide berth to an area charted with underwater rocks and glide slower and slower towards the goal until in the end we give up and finish the trip by motor - black clouds menace on the horizon and lightning flickers in the distance. Great atmosphere!.. but nice to have arrived and be moored up against the cliffs.

17 July 2007
Oxelösund to Kallhamn: 17,1nm
Paul, Pål, Karin
SW 8-12 m/s (at least on the forecast!)

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