Thursday, 19 July 2007

Full reefed

The wind in the night has passed over but not left us, and we are well reefed as we head south towards Arkösund and St Anna's. We drop back into the main channel and follow the navigation markers between the islands. It's good reaching weather and keep a good pace despite the reefs, and are glad of them when squalls come in with rain and winds up around 30 knots.

Around Arkösund the wind eases back a bit and we are back to playing the old game of making the mark... close hauled and really not wanting to tack off in the narrow channel - but make it we do and we can set off into St Anna's Skärgård. It's more compact than the Stockholm Archipelago, and that means less open water and more things to keep an eye out for.

The sun is out (sometimes) but the sky is filled with big boulders of cloud that darken the sky and bring whistling winds to whip up the white horses. Close hauled we crab our way to windward, with the wind direction swinging widely on the gusts.

Quite a short days sailing.. but we are all happy when the time comes to drop sail. We are not the only boats here and we end up in a small cove almost under the trees. Quiet, but not the most picturesque stop on the trip.

But... we've arrived!

18 July 2007
Venholmen: 11,5nm
Paul, Pål, Karin
SW-W 9-13 m/s

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