Monday, 1 August 2011

Möja and dinner

The weather finally cleared and we were back sailing, but after a few days at sea it was time to stock up the larder.  We headed back inshore to the nearest and best - stopping off in Lånviken on Möja for water and food.  But, we were tied up with a strong tail wind so we upped sticks and sailed around to the lee side and tied up in the small fishing harbour at Ramsmora (or more properly just in the entrance to).  

It was getting late by the time we tied up so we rang ahead to the fish restaurant up the hill to see that they were able to seat us....  and got the answer - if you come at once!  So we quickly threw everything below and pulled out some clean clothes for our first sit down dinner since Vindalsö.  And very nice it was too. 

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