Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The plan was to head out again, northwards into the archipelago.   Not a bad plan, but the weather was fresh winds from the north as we set out from Möja. 
Tacking out into the channel we struggled at first with the main not being fully set, but finally settled down to beat our way windward with plenty of spray coming over us as we met the chop.  To be honest we weren't pointing that great, although it got better as the day progressed and I got the trim sorted.  And as the day wore on the winds lightened which made things easier.

We set Rödlöga as our goal, which I thought would be about four hours, but headwinds, and the lighter winds in the afternoon made it longer... When we arrived we sailed around to the northside to look for a mooring - but it was a bit like Picadilly Circus, so we back-tracked around the island to find a quieter spot... which we did - a quiet headland with just enough water to get in to shore.  

By that time though it was seven hours on the water and I was tired and bad tempered and not good company for the crew, more's the pity.

Lesson learned - be better prepared with food and drink for the trip - and plan ahead better.. ;-)

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