Sunday, 11 August 2013


We set out for Mikkelsland,in the islands south of Dalarö, but when we arrived at what looked like a good spot on the chart the shelter int he prevailing wind wasn't really up to scratch - so we changed plan and sailed on to Kymmendö - just a little further round off the end of Ornö, by Jungfrufjärden.  We anchored in to an open bay just inside the cove - which by co-incidence was about where we anchored on our first and only other visit here.  It wasn't long before were joined by a string of other boats.
After a spot of lunch we took up miniHari and took a test run on the oars up and down the bay.  Not bad was the verdict..  very light to turn, but still not too bad for course stability.  And of course we ended the day with the grill out - crossing the headland for a fine sunset....

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