Monday, 12 August 2013

Off on our holidays

The long awaited day arrives...   this years sailing holiday begins, and we are heading north again, aiming for Grisslehamn a little north of Stockholms archipelago.
To get us off to a good start the first leg is a brisk 30nm witha good wind from the south carrying us on at good speed.  We plan to meet up with friends for the evening so the final destination is a bit up to how far we come - and where they've got to.  This slightly flexible equation resolves itself as wecome past Stavsnäs thanks to the miracle that is the mobile phone and we settle on a sheltered are in the midst of Möja skärgård..  picked from THE book to have reasonable all round shelter, and good prospects of space for three boats together.
Both of these prove to be true.  The last mile or so south down a narrow sound we take by motor and tie up towards the outer end of a promontory in what is a fairly busy spot.  About an hour later company arrives and we are soon three boats tie up to shore with the crews assembled on shore swapping stories and enjoying a beautiful sunset... 
Midsummer is well past and the skies are get darker.. starlight is also back on the agenda and from our rock we look right out at Polaris and the Great Bear
August 5th 2013
Winds - S-SW 7 to 8 m/s
Distance 29,5nm

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