Friday, 17 August 2012

Visiting the Bishop

From Kyrkviken we headed east and a little north to Biskopsö.  It's a place we've been before.  Normally we pull in between the islands in the western part of the island group but this time we opted to try the bay on the north side of Biskopsö itself.

It was a nice sail there.  One of those days when you are close hauled almost all the way - but still don't end up tacking that often... and with winds that give good speed without overpowering the boat.  Great sailing.

Once there we motored  in to the bay - finding a sheltered spot on the north side against the isthmus.  The shore was smooth sloping rocks that were easy to come ashore onto - but behind was thick undergrowth of something not dissimilar to gorse; i.e. lots of prickles.  The bay there was it turned out also quite shallow.  Looking over the side you could see the bottom and dipping showed it to be just 1,50m.  OK with our 1,2m draft but not so much to spare.

When evening came we set up the grill on the rocks and cooked dinner.  Being in a bay though the sun disappeared quiet early so we settled on an evening walk.  Good that we did as following the shore and then crossing the neck of the isthmus brought us out to the proper shore and the proper sunset. We even had the forethought to bring whisky and chocolate with us....  Now that's what you call desert!

And what a view...

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