Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy holidays again

It took a while to get the mast fixed - although the job itself was very quick once I got the parts and the rigger in the same place.  Mast up and time to sail away while the summer vacation is still upon us . 

We laboured to get to the marina with all our baggage for a week... and concluded once we got there it was late in the day to sail off.  So we spent the first evening on the berth enjoying the hospitality of Karlslunds sjökrog.  There are worse ways to begin a weeks holiday I can tell you.

Bright and fresh the next day we set course southward to take us outside of Ornö.  We were heading towards Huvudskär, but my plan was to stop short and stop over at Notholmen - normally a quiet spot with good shelter when the winds are right....

We had a good sail there - reaching but not too much on the nose - but to our consternation there were already a couple of boats anchored ashore in the little bay.  Experience says there isn't much space for more than a couple so we looked at the clock and decided to head on to Huvudskär anyway.

As luck would have it this put us much more against the wind. which had filled in - so that last hour turned out to be the hardest part of the day - not least as that last stretch is all about picking a route between the islands and cobs.  In fact, rather against our usual practice, we sailed in through the narrow inlet into the lagoon as the chop and brisk winds made dropping sail outside less than attractive.

Once inside we anchored against Lökholmen - only a few meters from the spot we tied up on our first visit here...  around ten years ago...

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