Saturday, 18 August 2012

Homeward bound

From Biskopsö the route lay homeward..  though not before taking the chance to meet up with friends that were also out sailing.  We discussed a few alternatives - but finally settled on an old favourite - Kolnäsvik.  It's not much over an hour from Karlslunds with any decent wind - but what the heck.  It's sheltered and easy and the sunsets from the seaward side are great.

The trip from Biskopsön was another nice day on the water.  The wind was quite fresh but manageable and we made good speed - despite beating a good bit of the way.  Tacking angles seemed a bit sloppy at times - but part of the reason revealed itself when I discovered we were sailing against the current in the narrower channel north of Ornö.  It was a shock I have to say as it's very rare to notice any sort of current in the archipelago.   

Arriving in Kolnäsvik the neighbours were already there and helped guide us in to shore... which turned out to be harder than anticipated.  The north shore there is quite shallow at first before dropping away and depending on the water level it can be hard to get to shore without grounding.  This was one of those days... and we played around a while before I was happy.

But, once tied up it was time for a little after sail.. G&Ts in the cockpit, and a lazy evening watching the grill grill....  sitting out chatting on the headland until well after sunset.

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