Wednesday, 15 August 2012

On rations...

Once we got to Huvudskär we discovered that in our haste to be away on holiday we'd forgotten something....  Food!  Not all the food - but the fresh meat sitting in the fridge at home.  Not a crisis - but cause for a change of plan.  Instead of heading further south towards Nynäshamn we decided instead to visit Kyrkviken on Ornö - with what should be the nearest grocery store.

But, the larder was not completely empty, so we made an easy leg of it and headed first to Fjärdlång.  It was neither long nor difficult to get there - with the sort of light wind sailing I really enjoy.  Enough to keep the boat gurgling along while you check the chart and the marks to keep on course between the islands.

The anchorage in Fjärdlång was new to us.  There were a few other boats there- but there was plenty of space.  The wind was pretty much down the bay - but we found shelter behind a small headland and settled down to a nice evening on the cliffs with the grill (and the lamb we'd remembered to bring from the freezer...

It was - as the picture shows -  one of those superb evenings, where the wind drops away completely and the colours just wash in.

Holidays.... :-)

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